Why Do Female Dogs Hump? 

The question here is why do female dogs hump? Humping s referred to as ‘mounting behaviour’ by veterinarians. For the sake of clarity, here’s a description of what humping is.

Humping is the process whereby a dog puts their front legs around another dog or object and then thrusts its pelvis repeatedly (the humping motion).

Most people see humping as a male-dogs-only thing and once a female dog is spotted humping, brows are raised and a lot of questions come to mind. It gets people worried and wondering when they see their female dog hump on another dog (male or female), humans or just hump on objects like balls, pillows, stuffed animals, blankets or maybe just hump into the air. When this happens, the primary question is always ‘why do female dogs hump?’

If you belong to the category of people who get uneasy when female dogs hump, then it’s time you get to rest your mind and know that it is usual for female dogs to hump just like their male counterparts. Humping is one of the learned activities in dogs, often taking root well before dogs reach sexual maturity. Dogs (both male and female) hump for quite a number of reasons.

Why do female dogs hump?

Now that we have established the fact that both male and female dogs are predisposed to humping and it shouldn’t be seen as a strange activity. Also, humping is not always

  • Social dominance
  • Developmental stage (puppies)
  • Sexual behaviours
  • Stress, Boredom & Frustration
  • Compulsive disorders
  • Excitement
  • Looking for attention
  • Health problems
Social dominance

In terms of social dominance, they are varying schools of thought concerning this, while some believe that humping another dog or a person is an effective way of declaring that they are in charge. Others believe it is rather an exciting and play behaviour among female dogs and have nothing connected to aggression or submission.

Developing Stage

Humping is one of the behavioural patterns puppies display during their early days. From six weeks after birth, puppies (both male and female), tend to engage in humping or mounting activities till they are sexually matured(1-2 years old). Humping is regarded as a mode of playful sexual education.

Sexual behaviours

This is more like the most ideally known reason for humping in dogs. Humping in female dogs is considered an arousal response, and it can be triggered by different situations. It is believed that spayed male dogs tend to mount more than intact males, presumably due to a lack of discriminatory experience. During this type of humping, you may also notice “flirtatious” behaviour such as play bows and pawing, licking in the genital area, etc.

Stress & Frustration

Just like licking, sulking, and hiding, humping is another way your female dog may respond to stress, boredom and frustration. It serves as a stress reliever for some dogs. Conflicted emotions can as well lead to humping.


Some dogs hump as a response to extreme excitement. Just like some dogs go crazy after a bath, dogs use humping as a channel to show their excitement once they become overstimulated. You can find your dog humping at the dog park, dog daycare, play sessions or anywhere they feel elated and overstimulated.

Compulsive disorders

In a few cases, humping could turn into a compulsive disorder. Once your female dog gets so obsessive about humping, it could lead to compulsive disorders and turn her to a habitual humper.

Possible Health problems

If your female dog suddenly starts to hump frequently, and at everything in sight, this may be a potential indicator that points to some health challenges. Some possible health challenges related to humping include; urinary tract infections, allergies, and incontinence. When you happen to find your dog humping suddenly, a call to the veterinarian will be a great idea.

Attention Seeking Behaviour

When dogs sense they’re not getting enough attention, affection or exercise, they result to humping to get some attention even though it’s a fake one.

Frequently Asked Question 

Why Do Female Dogs Hump After Being Spayed?

Dogs that hump after being spayed are probably showing one of the other forms of humping behaviour, such as Sexual behaviours, Stress, Boredom & Frustration, Compulsive disorders, Excitement, Looking for attention, Health problems etc.

Why Do Female Dogs Hump Another Female Dog?

Well, this might not be what you think. A female dog may hump on another female dog out of play, or excitement. These tend to settle with time.

Why do Female Dog Hump Male Dogs?

Most people find this quite weird. The reason for this is usually associated with social dominance, or simply a demonstration of excitement or stress at meeting a new dog.

How To Stop Humping

While humping remains a natural, it still remains a cause for concern for most people. If you’re looking to stop the humping behaviour, try out any of these below;

  • As a sexual activity, mounting can be mitigated through a combination of consistent, positive training as well as having your puppies spayed or neutered.
  • Consider establishing a stricter and more regular schedule of walking, running or interactive play.
  • Engage your dog and provide her with a routine that can eliminate boredom or anxiety as a reason for her to hump objects, people, and other dogs.
  • Try out obedience training, desensitization and preventative measures.

Always remember to call in for veterinary check-ups with your veterinarian once you notice any changes in your dog.

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