How To Make Your Dog Walk Sessions More Fun

Dog Walk Sessions are an integral part of a dog’s mental and physical health. By regular standards, we are supposed to walk our dogs daily but most dog parents do go for weeks without going on a walk with their furry best friends.

Your daily dog walk is another example of how monotonous doing the same thing every day can be. Finding ways to make your everyday walks more entertaining and fascinating will help you maintain a regular walking schedule.

Fortunately, below are a few easy methods to spice up our everyday dog-walking routine and make it more interesting and fun.

Encourage Sniffing

A stroll is more than just exercise for our dogs; in addition to being a great kind of physical exercise, walks are a fantastic method to keep our dogs mentally engaged. For many of them, it’s their daily chance to experience the outside world since most of our dogs stay at home while we are at work. On your walk, pause for a while and let them smell about; it’s their way of learning about the world. Allowing them to sniff and explore will make the experience more thrilling and enjoyable for them.

Let your Dog Lead

Allowing your dog to choose the route is one simple approach to making your dog walk more fun. Let your furry buddy take the lead along the way while you follow close by and guard against danger and potentially harmful areas. A wonderful way to offer your dog a chance to show you what they find intriguing is to let them choose, even though they might end up bringing you to every fire hydrant on your block or the trees where all the squirrels hang out.

Lead New Trails

Once in a while, endeavour to find a different neighborhood or local park to explore for a change of scenery. Your walk will be more fascinating for you both because of the new sights, smells, and sounds.

Beat Up The Pace

Changing the pace while taking walks with your dog will make it more fun and less monotonous. If you typically stroll slowly or very quickly, change directions and take more time to soak in the surroundings, or quicken your speed to make the walk more intense.

Introduce some treats

Every dog parent knows how happy their furry friend gets when they receive some wholesome mouth-watering treats. Meanwhile, you can check out how you can make some delicious and nutritious homemade treats here.

Treats can be thrown into the grass to be found by your dog. Nose work games, like training your dog to find rewards, will help your dog hone their natural sniffing ability and provide them with a ton of additional mental stimulation.

Incorporate some training sessions

Integrating some basic obedience commands like stay, down, and heel during dog walk sessions can make the walk more fun. A few simple training sessions can be used to make your dog’s walks more enjoyable. When you have a lot of smells (and squirrels) nearby, it can be difficult to hold your dog’s attention. Dogs are easily sidetracked outside. Your dog’s impulse control will improve with training in various contexts (like on walks), and it’s a terrific method to improve their focus.

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