Why do dogs snore? | 9 top reasons why dogs snore

Have you ever heard your dog snore before or you’re yet to? If you have, then you must have had a question like, ‘why do dogs snore’? Running through your mind.

If you have your dogs sleeping in the same room as you, you may have heard them snore a couple of times. While some dogs are chronic snoring buddies, others do snore sparingly. Snoring in dogs can be normal or a sign of an underlying health issue.

Understanding the reason why your dog snores could help you solve the underlying problem.

A visit to the veterinarian will go a long way to help you out.

Why do dogs snore?

Snoring is a result of the tissues in your dog’s nose, throat, or mouth vibrating as air passes through them.

Obstructed Nasal Passages

Sleeping in a strange or uncomfortable condition can lead to snoring. When dogs lay on their back and their tongue gets in the way of the throat, this will lead to a restriction of airflow and lead to snoring.

Aside from the posture, another thing that can cause your dog to get obstructed nasal passage is the growth of objects in the dog’s airways in their nasal passage.

Breed Anatomy

Flat-faced breeds are more likely to snore as a result of breathing issues. This is because of their anatomy. Flat-faced dogs have;

  • Shorter airways
  • Bigger tongues relative to the size of their mouth
  • A soft long palate that laps loosely down in the back of their throat
  • Narrow nostrils that collapse on themselves

All these features cause their body parts and tissues to get in the way of airflow, hence, making air movement (inhaling and exhaling) hard and difficult. Some dog breeds in this category include;

  • Bulldog
  • Pug
  • Boxer
  • Frenchie

Allergies are another factor that can lead to breathing difficulties and in turn, cause snoring. Allergies to pollen, dander, dust, etc. cause breathing difficulties. These difficulties can lead to allergy-related snoring which may be seasonal.


Obesity can lead to a number of health complications in dogs.

Having more tissues around the throat will cause extra pressure against the trachea or larynx and can lead to airway constriction which can lead to snoring. Too much pressure on the trachea can end up in the collapse of the trachea.

Oral Health Issues

Any form of growth in the mouth can lead to a partial block in the airways. If left unchecked, it can lead to complications and require more intensive intervention.

Some dogs face dental problems and snoring is one of the symptoms of an active dental problem. Tooth abscesses in dogs can lead to nasal passage infection and inflammation which will gradually lead to snoring.


Aspergillosis can be another cause of snoring in dogs. It is caused by a common mold (a type of fungus) called Aspergillus, which lives indoors and outdoors.

Just as it is with humans, dogs can also be affected by aspergillosis. It is triggered by the inhalation of mold spores in grass, hay or composite piles. Once the spores gain entrance and colonize the dog’s body through the nasal cavity, it causes irritation and nasal discharge.

A visit to the veterinarian for prompt diagnosis and treatment is highly recommended.

Common Cold

Snoring as well as wheezing, runny noses, sneezing etc. can also be caused by irritation or inflammation.

Second-hand Smoking

This refers to the process whereby dogs breathe in smoke exhaled by people who smoke or from burning tobacco products.

Studies point to the fact that second-hand smoke in dogs can lead to alteration in their airways and DNA damage to airway tissues. 

How to Stop Dogs from Snoring

Visiting a veterinarian should always be among the things that come to your mind anytime your dog faces any health issue such as itching, excessive humping, snoring etc.

For obsessed dogs, exercising to lose some weight could go a long way to help solve their snoring problem. There are some medications that can help relieve dogs of the various conditions that can lead to snoring issues. Some other cases may need surgeries that can help open up the dog’s airways a little for easy breathing.

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