Why Do Dogs | Why Do Dogs Go Crazy After a Bath?

Watching your dog immediately after a bath is a whole show down on its own. It is like a drama with lots of episodes. From the frantic running around, yipping, to the rolling around, barking, and yodeling – you’re just sure to have a short show from your dog after a bath (long or short).

It’s an experience most dog owners have with their dogs, if you haven’t experienced it yet, well it means they’re are exceptions then.

One recurring question in the minds/mouth of most dog owners have always been, ‘why do dogs go crazy after a bath? If this sounds like you, well, you’re not alone in it. There are quite a number of reasons for this though.

Call it frantic random activity periods (FRAPS) as the professionals or zoomies, it all trying to describe the same thing – the fact just remains the hyperactivity period of a dog after a bath is a real thing and we’ll learn a thing or two about it on this piece.

Why do dogs go crazy after a bath?

Now, if you haven’t experienced this before, there’s this hyperactive mode some dogs go into after having their bath. As earlier emphasized, it comes with a range of craziness like running all over the house, yelping, yippping, etc. At the point when your dog is let free immediately after a bath, your dog seems to be undergoing some level of temporary insanity. The difference is some people find it endearing while some others see nothing endearing about it.

We know some dogs dislike the bath and would want to do anything within their power to be off it as soon as possible and one of the main reasons why dogs go crazy after their bath is because they’re relieved that it’s finally over. The more reason they run around with the zoomies is in order to release all that pent-up energy, and shows how relieved they are that bath time is finally over.

Below are a number of reasons why your dog goes crazy after a bath

1. Bath Anxiety

Most dogs don’t go easy when it’s time to go for a bath as opposed to petting and massage. Some dogs will deploy their best resistance skill once they find out it’s bath time.

You’ll have to deal with paw breaks and all other forms of resistance just to get some dogs to have their bath. So when the stressful bath is finally over, they’re all excited and euphoric. The only way to express that is to run around, well, like crazy. It’s just their nervous energy pouring out.

2. Strange New Smell

Your wish may be to make your dog smell like scented flowers, a nice soap fragrance, honey, or pretty much anything other than that strong offensive smell that originates from wet fur – the more reason you spend on pet bath services and products (e.g scented shampoos). The ‘sad truth’ is that some dogs are not interested in any of those.

You may think you’re doing your dog a favour by applying all those scented shampoos, soaps, and other bath products but in the real sense, most dogs don’t really like all of those. They feel after a bath, they’re now coated in a weird, unfamiliar scent.

To get back their ‘familiar scent’, dogs sprint around and roll in everything possible to rid themselves of the new scent and return to the old. Wanting to smell like poop and dirt and grass is in a dog’s DNA.

3. Drying off Procedure

This is quite an obvious reason, we’ve seen dogs shake vigorously after a swim or after being beaten severely by the rain in order to get dry, so this behaviour is a bit normal.

So unless you’re either using a professional dryer or maybe an absorbent dog-friendly towel that soaks up moisture, then  your dog is most likely to go into the zoomies mode in order to dry off

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