How Many Nipples Does a Dog Have | Everything You Need To Know

Dogs just like every mammal have nipples. You’ll feel something small and bumpy if you run your fingers down your dog’s belly. When you dig through the layer of fur, you’ll find out it’s the dog’s nipple. It’s usually a fleshly, mole-like bump.

Most dog owners get to ask questions like; How many nipples does a dog have? What’s normal dog nipples vs pregnant? How many nipples does a female dog have? Do male dogs have nipples? How many nipples does a male dog have?

The answers to some of these questions are not as straightforward as you may think. You may find out that the number of nipples on your dog will fall into a range and two dogs can easily have a different number of nipples, even if they are from the same litter.

How many nipples does a dog have?

This has no straightforward answer as earlier emphasized so you can expect dogs to have 6-10 nipples, but some just have two, and some have more than 10.

Do male dogs have nipples?

Yes, male dogs have nipples. 

How many nipples does a male dog have?

Just as it is with female dogs, male dogs have a number of nipples running from their groin area to their torsos. You can count up to 10 for some male dogs and for others, less than 10 or even more.

How many nipples does a female dog have?

Gender primarily makes no difference as to how many nipples a dog will have and that’s why it seems impossible to tell the sex of a puppy based on the number of nipples it has. So just like male dogs, expect to see 8-10 nipples on a female dog. Don’t forget, it could still be more or less.

Does A Female Dog’s Nipple Get Bigger During Heat Period?

Well, this right here is another question with a ‘not so-straightforward answer’. But, YES, your female dog’s nipple get bigger during heat period. This occurs basically because, during the heat period, the female dog is preparing her body for breeding and the possibility of having a litter. A normal heat cycle comes twice a year and each lasts between 10 -14 days.

On the other hand, a false pregnancy can be another reason why your female dog’s nipple gets bigger. Pseudocyesis (false pregnancy) is a rare phenomenon in dogs that causes the dog to mimic all the usual pregnancy symptoms without actually being pregnant. The difference between a real pregnancy and Pseudocyesis is the increase in the size of your dog’s nipple during Pseudocyesis will only be for a few weeks as opposed to that of a real pregnancy. So expect the nipples to return to normal size in a few weeks after the end of her heat cycle.

Visiting a veterinarian is a sure way to confirm the pregnancy status of your dog.

How Long Does It Take for a Dog’s Nipples to Go Back to Normal After birthing?

After the weaning period, which is usually about 1 week, the mother’s nipples will return to normal. At about 6 weeks after birth, the puppies develop sharper teeth and nursing becomes uncomfortable.

Also, milk production will eventually decrease and this will lead to the puppies moving slowly to solid food.

Can dogs have more puppies than nipples?

The answer to this is YES, they can. When this happens, the puppies will always compete for optimal feeding spot thereby pushing weaker siblings to turn out to be the strongest in the litter.

What Affects How Many Nipples Dogs Have?

It is a common belief that dog breeds affect the number of nipples a dog can possibly have. On the contrary, experts don’t think health, age, breed, or gender affects the number of nipples. Remember that even littermates may not have the same number of nipples.

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