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These following quotes are from death and dying workshops from which this program grew. Also included are comments from program graduates.

Program graduates

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course–all of it, not just the modules I wrote about. It was especially helpful to recently watch the film you recommended about physician assisted death (“My Dying Wish”) as here in Canada we are expecting regulations by June. The film gave me a lot to think about and was so well done. I found the course so thorough that by the time I did my hands-on workshop in January with Pashta MaryMoon, I was quite comfortable with the information. Many thanks for all of the resources, material and suggestions.”
Sandra T., Canada, April 2016 Beyond Hospice graduate

“I think this online course is superb – covers the whole spectrum from self-preparation, to being with dying to post-death care and legalities, business, etc. Also takes one through the process of preparing for their own death and planning their own funeral. It’s been a very enlightening and enlivening experience.”
Heather Y., via Facebook

“This work is so amazing and beautiful. I am very grateful to you for making it possible to study it online.
You’ve given us, your students, an unbelievable amount of information and references.  Thank you.”
Linda, March 2016 Beyond Hospice graduate

Workshop participants

“The Beyond Hospice retreat was wonderful! Donna is a gracious host and a well of wisdom and information. The arrangements were very comfortable and it was a great opportunity to meet and stay with other like-hearted women doing this sacred work. I left inspired and deeply touched. Thank you Donna!” ~Natalie (Montreal, QC)

“For several hours after the workshop, I was in a very profound place. It made me so much more present to the moment.”
Tonya Riley, Yoga Teacher

“I was quite contemplative for a few days after the workshop. I haven’t had much time lately for introspection and this gave me the opportunity for that – it was needed!”
ME Middleton, Yoga Teacher, Austin, Texas

“There was something so exceptionally comforting and calming about this experience. This workshop gave me a strong feeling that the people I’ve lost are now in a place of bliss, and at the same time, I know they aren’t as far away as I’ve feared.”
Melissa Roddy, Yoga Teacher

“I found this to be both mentally stimulating and physically relaxing. It allowed me to go beyond my body in a very comforting and even life-affirming way.”
Debbie Groves, Wedding Officiant

“The last few weeks of my life have brought three deaths, and I feel like I have lost two dear friends in the process. Although I have been grieving, I have also been feeling the sense of light that comes from knowing what a beautiful and peaceful place these people have gone to. Now they have a new opportunity to become all that they were meant to become. Now they have an opportunity to relearn what it is like not to be bound to a human body. I’ve also realized that it is truly a blessing to be here as well, and I am now more grateful for the lessons I am learning as I live here. It usually feels like “life” is more precious than “death”, but I am experiencing that differently now. It now seems like it is more of a balance, one is no less powerful or exquisite than the other and both are to be embraced with equanimity. The workshop I took with you was instrumental in helping me to make this emotional leap in my perspective and has afforded me more freedom in my choices and in having a lighter heart in seeing my loved ones die. Thank you for the work you are doing.”
Kowecha Street, Energy Healing, Vocal Toning

Practicing for a home funeral“This is a powerful workshop. I felt squarely faced with my own mortality and what must be dealt with before I will feel ready to let go.”
Amy O’Siannon, Massage Therapist

“I really enjoyed the class. I think this is a challenging subject to talk about since so many folks have their own beliefs and fears about the subject. You presented the material in a way that I felt was very open to people’s faiths and beliefs. I think the open communication and the loving environment you created is the best way to discuss this subject. I think that lots of folks had lots of personal questions and the class met their needs. Hearing about your own near death experience also enriched the discussion. Plus, your knowledge and experience with hospice has taught me that many times families stifle the dying process rather than embracing it. I feel knowing how the dying process occurs physically will help me help myself and my friends and family. Being open about death helps me live every moment to the fullest. ”
Kristi Johnson, Massage Therapist

“I really enjoyed the class, and I think the discussion was good–people have a lot to say/feel/vent/express about this subject, especially because most people have gone through a stifled experience where death is concerned.”
Tadd McCullough , Yoga Teacher

“Savasana has never been my favorite pose; I usually run thru my mental to-do list or grocery list while waiting for it to be over! What a BEAUTIFUL experience I had in your workshop! You set the tone so well by lighting the candle in the beginning to honor and remember those who have walked this path before us. I think the class is more than just an opportunity to talk about dying from the yogic perspective, it is possibly some people’s first chance to speak openly about dying in general (or just face whatever fears or concerns they have). You provided such a sacred and safe place for us to do that. What did I take away from the experience? I am more comfortable with my mortality and more comfortable speaking with my family about theirs.”
Sascha Tunney, Performer

“Everyone experiences passing over and most people experience some aspects of the passing over of others. Donna Belk offers a wonderful opportunity for Yogis and Yoginis to come together to explore the Yogic aspect of dying, and its’ relationship to Savasana (the Corpse Posture) and the Chakra system. Donna shares excellent descriptions of the dying process both physically and etherally in the out of body experience, as well as exploration of the related passages in the Bhagavad Gita. Donna does a great job of allowing people to explore their own feelings about passing over in a safe and supportive environment. This workshop is a must for the sage student of Yoga.”
Lorna Idol, Ph.D., Concordia University, Austin, Texas

“Everyone’s favorite yoga pose, Savasana, can be an opportunity for us to practice a mini-death experience. By practicing letting go of frantic mental activity, unlimited desires, and our attachment to the belief that we are our bodies, we can free ourselves momentarily to become an observer of this bodily state. In this we can find moments of serenity and peace.”
Pat Jones, retired, Stephenville, Texas

“Donna’s presence is a gift in itself. She knows how to create a safe and sacred space to explore the realm of death and dying. She brings new light and breath to the fear and anxiety that surrounds death in our culture. I am so thankful I participated in this workshop because I feel that the more I understand and accept death as a reality, the more I want to fully live this precious life.”
Katherine Kozioziemski, School Teacher, Sunnyvale, California

“I’m in the process of putting the home funeral page together for a website and am using so much of what I learned from you.  There’s no way I would feel equipped to do this if it wasn’t for the things I’ve learned through you.  Thank you for doing what you’re doing!”
Shannon Shoup, San Diego, California