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Blessing of the Work

2011 February 1
by admin

Every year at our local non-profit Hospice, a Blessing of the Work is offered. It is a time when volunteers and staff can come together and receive a blessing from the chaplains, priests, and ministers that serve on the spiritual care team. The blessing usually consists of having your hands washed in a bowl of warm, lavender-scented water while a minister says a blessing to you. Following this your hands are dried by another minister offering a blessing to you. Followed by a hug and a small gift (milagro) from yet another minister.

This year the blessing read:

We lift our hearts, our minds and bodies
We lift work that is pleasant,
Work that is painful
Work that is simple
Work that is difficult
Work that is personal
Work that is communal.

Receiving the blessing …

May the breath of sustaining life blow over and through us as we ask for grace, mercy, and strength to face the challenges and endless possibilities of the year to come.

Come now and share in a blessing. Rest in the assurance that you are a creation of wonder capable of the mighty and the sublime.

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