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Two worlds

2010 June 6
by admin

I have seen this image before. It is a woodcut from 1888. Once I started studying it I realized that I had not previously recognized the symbolism contained within it. It depicts a man who exists in the physical world as he is looking beyond into the unmanifest world. This is what I believe people experience as they are dying.

So much of the work with death and dying is a dance of the physical world and non-physical. For example, there are physical things you can do to comfort someone as they are dying such as fluff their pillows or gently massage their hands or feet. However, just as important, in my opinion, are the non-physical things one can do such as sitting and emanating a calm and loving presence, and holding sacred space and intention.

This woodcut reflects those two worlds to me. I believe both worlds deserve our appreciation and artfulness.

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