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2012 August 14
by admin

Here is an anointing practice that I compiled from several different sources.


Anointing is a devotional practice to honor, to consecrate and as a sign of affection. It is something we bestow upon another as a blessing.

It has been practiced for thousands of years as a way to invite the divine into our lives, our hearts, and our minds. When we anoint ourselves or others we are inviting the Divine to be a part of us. Even to this day inn last rites priests use oils to consecrate and bless someone who is preparing to journey out of the body. With this intent, we do so anoint, bless and pay homage to our dear _______.

  • I anoint your brow that your mind may be clear
  • I anoint your ears that you may hear the words of Spirit
  • I anoint your eyes that you may see clearly and discern your truth
  • I anoint your lips that you may speak your truth
  • I anoint your shoulders now released from the burdens they have borne
  • I anoint your heart, receptacle of your purity and connection to the Divine
  • I anoint your arms and hands thanking them for how they have served the world
  • I anoint your legs and feet that have so lovingly supported you on your path
We seal upon you this washing and anointing, that you leave this dear body with appreciation and blessings. In beauty it is finished.

Biblical References to Anointing:

  • Mark 14:8: She did what she could. She poured perfume on my body beforehand to prepare for my burial.
  • Like 23:56


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