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Prayers of Passing

2012 March 28
by admin

I found these two Prayers of Passing recently (March 2012). I recommend you create your own.

Departure Prayer

All That Is,
Beloved Angels,
Precious Source of Life,
May my departure be magnificent and simple.
May this body release itself easily,
like a leaf falling into the bosom of the Earth.
And may this body, in bones, ashes and energy
be as a gift to the land and all her beings.
And may the essence of this life,
be as a gift to the Spirit of Life and all Beings.
May my departure arrive in its own perfect timing.
And as the body falls away,
May I hear the call of the beauteous Light
bequeathed me from the beginning.
May the Presence of Love that has sustained me
sustain all those I love who remain on this sacred Earth,
holding them tenderly throughout their Earthly Sojourn.
And when departure beckons, please guide them safely across the bridge and into the Light.
Om. Amen.

Source: “Going Out in Style: A Guide to Planetary Departure” by Marcia Beachy, M.S., L.P.C.

Practice for Death
I return to God
I release my body to the earth
I retrieve my energy from all wordly things
I relax into the source of my being
Death is my teacher
I have prepared for this moment all of my life
All teachings converge for this departure
The truth of impermanence envelops me
I am free from suffering
I release my spirit to the light
I am forgiven
I am filled with gratitude
My work is done
I return to the light

Source: Tarron Estes, Tarron Estes & Associates Inc, P.O. Box 17146, Boulder, CO 80308, 303-440-8018,

Prayer of Passing

Know that everything you do and everything you have done has been a contribution to The Whole. Bless-ed be who you are.
When the time comes for your Eternal Spirit to leave this Earthly body …
Your wings will unfurl, the breath of the wind will uplift you, and you will be born anew without effort. For where you are going there is no pain, no fear, no heartache. There is only love.
You will breathe one last breath while your spirit occupies your physical body, and with the next in-breath you will breathe a breath of great Light. You will feel more love than you have known for a long, long time. For you are going Home.
In the turning of the seasons, the love within your heart, the love of your being has expanded into fullness and now settles in peace to rest.
In the dawn of ages, your spirit has celebrated your essence which, once again, is to be made new.
In the flowing of the rivers, know beyond a doubt of doubts the truth that your spirit is truly one with the Divine Whole.
One Heart … One Mind … One Spirit … One.
You are the blessing. You are the peace. You are the love.
You are the Light within the holiness.
You are the Flight within the freedom.
You are the Essence in the center of the blossom.
This is who you are, and much, much more.
Much, much more.

Source: Anara Solray, Healing Potentials Unlimited, Copyright 1999

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